What We Do

An Unmatched Portfolio of Aerospace Components.
Recent Innovations from Our Businesses

Some of the Products that TransDigm companies engineer, manufacture and service

Engine, Fuel and Hydraulic Systems

  • Fuel pumps
  • Elastomeric seals and gaskets
  • High pressure quick disconnects
  • Elastomeric high temp and high vibration clamps and blocks
  • Engine igniters
  • Fuel pump field and shaft rotor assemblies
  • Brake system hand pump
  • Auxiliary hydraulic pump motor
  • Engine and rotor harness assemblies
  • Rotor brake master cylinder
  • Engine over-speed valve
  • Sonar hoist hydraulic reservoir
  • Fuel float operated vent valves
  • Fuel system breakaway valve
  • Hydraulic flapper check valve
  • Hydraulic system relief valve
  • Fuel system clutch manifold
  • Fuel / Defuel check valve
  • APU lube pump
  • Engine control gear boxes
  • Engine control cables
  • Fuel control LVDT
  • Hydraulic reservoir assemblies
  • Inlet air temp sensor
  • Ramp control valves
  • Power steering / swivel lock valve
  • Hydraulic hand pump and accumulator
  • Ramp door actuator

Environmental & Emergency Systems

  • Total air temp sensor
  • Air data sensor static ports
  • Emergency control panel
  • Emergency battery charger
  • Heat and vent airflow control
  • Emergency cargo hook manual release cable
  • Emergency door release link system
  • Landing gear control / emergency release valve
  • Fire warning system switches
  • Master warning/caution switches


  • Blade lock receivers and hold open rods
  • Structural rods
  • Handles for brake system
  • Nacelle and access door latches, hinges and trigger locks
  • Troop seat latch mechanisms
  • Landing gear harness assemblies
  • Door handles and latches
  • Flight control push rods
  • Pitch control rods
  • Heat management and insulation airframe blankets
  • Cowl hold open rods
  • Connecting link tie rods
  • Mechanical cargo handling system
  • Hoist cable locks
  • Cargo nets
  • Nose wheel door struts


Electrical and Electromechanical Systems

  • Throttle cables
  • Main battery and charger
  • Keyboard assembly for enhanced up front display
  • Pilot and co-pilot throttle quadrants
  • Air data sensor pitot probes
  • Electronic flight management system
  • Flight management system panel
  • Linear pitch trim actuator
  • Cargo variable-speed winch
  • Nacelle position sensors
  • Altimeter, airspeed, rate of climb cockpit instruments
  • Rescue hoist harness assembly
  • Cargo hook assembly
  • Rescue hoist system
  • Power distribution contactors
  • Pilot and co-pilot cyclic and collective grip assemblies
  • Air bypass filter actuator
  • Turbine speed control potentiometer
  • Master warning control box
  • Turbine speed control potentiometer
  • Digital chronometer
  • Light dimmers
  • Speed pickup transducers
  • Vibrating cylinder pressure sensors
  • Missile detection system wiring harness
  • Low maintenance NiCd batteries
  • AC and DC electrical distribution panels